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Ceramic candle - freckled pots

Ceramic candle - freckled pots

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Hand poured candles by Cicley and May in my wheel thrown ceramic pots in freckled clays. 

Soy wax candles are hand poured in Kristeens home studio in Lancashire, using phthalate and paraben free premium perfume oils. She uses cotton and paper wicks to ensure a lovely clean, even burn. After you’ve finished burning your candle, you can wash your ceramic pot and reuse.

100% soy wax, premium fragrance oil

170ml - 25+ hours of burn time 

Available in three fragrances and three colours 

Blush - P O M E G R A N A T E + P A T C H O U L I 

Pomegranate + Patchouli is a warming blend of juicy pomegranate, patchouli and smoky wood creating a beautiful, elegant scent that’s hard to resist. The combination of juicy pomegranate with spicy florals is just divine.

Notes of Pomegranate, Plum, and Warming Patchouli

Honey - S W E E T  O R A N G E  + A M B E R 

Sweet Orange + Amber is a luxurious, warming fragrance. The combination of fresh Sweet Orange and musky Amber is completely dreamy and a joy to light.

Notes of Orange, Vetiver, and Amber

White Speckle -  V A N I L L A 

The classic candle scent; our Vanilla soy candle is creamy, sweet and musky and works so well throughout the year. One to reach for when you’re in need of relaxation and comfort.

Notes of cosy, warming Vanilla

White Speckle - S P I C E D  O R A N G E  + C L O V E

The classic Christmas scent combining warming cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves plus orange and mandarin. Perfect for this cosy season, but simply too lovely to save just for the winter months.

Notes of Cinnamon, Cloves and Mandarin

 White Speckle - T O B A C C O + O A K

A warm, aromatic fragrance with notes of smoky tobacco and warm oak. This is one of the original candles we made and is still just as popular to this day. So soothing to light in the colder months.

Notes of Smoky Tobacco, Oak, and Musk

Each candle comes wrapped in a gift box perfect for giving to your friends, family + loved ones! 

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