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and welcome to homefolk ceramics !

  • beginners throwing 6 weeks

    + suitable for absolute beginners who want to use the potters wheel to make ceramics

    + learn the fundamentals of wheel throwing including clay prep and basic throwing techniques

    + book with the beginners continuing to extend your course to 12 weeks of intensive tuition.

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  • beginners continuing 6 weeks

    + suitable for students who have recently completed the beginners throwing course or a similar 6 week term in another studio and want to learn to finish and decorate their ceramics.

    + improve your throwing and learn to trim and add surface decoration to your handmade ceramics

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  • intermediate ceramics 6 weeks

    + suitable for students who have completed both beginners courses or have previous and similar experience and want to learn the full ceramic process from wet clay to glazing pots.

    + must be able to confidently prepare /centre clay and have the ability to throw small and simple forms like bowls and cylinders

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h o m e f o l k ceramic studio + shop are nestled in the romney marshes just alongside the picturesque canal path in west hythe, kent

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