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HOMEFOLK ceramics

Petal dish with/without Bohemia & Flower soap bar

Petal dish with/without Bohemia & Flower soap bar

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Cute and practical ceramic soap dish in pink speckle or white speckle glaze.  A perfect set when you choose one of the Bohemia & Flower vegan soap bars to go with it.

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 MEADOW SOAP - Unscented pure soap

Gently exfoliating with poppy seed

Excellent for sensitive skin

Organic coconut oil

Pure olive oil

Bohemia & Flower Recommends - Got sensitive skin? give this one a try. Although we won’t make any health claims, the feedback we receive from our repeat customers with sensitive skin is glowing!

Small batch plant based unscented bar soap with cornflower petals & black poppy seed.

The Meadow bar is inspired by fresh air exploring poppy fields, this unscented bar is gentle on delicate skin.

Vegan & botanical 105g soap bar made with a base of organic coconut oil, gentle on skin with lots of creamy lather


GARDEN SOAP - Pink Clay Soap

• Gently exfoliating soap

• Palma Rosa essential oil

• Pure Lavender essential oil

• Face soap / Body Soap / Shower Soap

Bohemia & Flower Recommends - Use Garden vegan soap as part of your natural skincare routine, the French rose clay works to draw out impurities whilst the poppy seeds gently exfoliate skin

105g vegan bar soap from the range of handmade soaps by Bohemia & Flower. Natural soap bars made sustainably to use in your zero waste skincare routine, made with a base of organic coconut oil, this is cruelty free soap that’s gentle on sensitive skin with lots of creamy lather.

Inspired by…petals! Long hot summers in the rose garden, sun-baked clay paths, lavender blooms full of bees & the scent of cedarwood in the shade as you swing in a hammock.

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